Bert Wylin

Bert Wylin has both an academic as well as a business profile. He works at the KU Leuven since 1993: first at the Continuing Education service, where he started up the distance education department and the Open University. Since 1996, he led the Education Innovation Centre, leading to a growing expertise in integrating technology and the Internet in university education. In 1997 he co-wrote and published the first Dutch-language book about the integration of Internet in the classroom and in education.

In 2001, he founded a KU Leuven university spin-off company, developing and servicing educational technology projects. In 2008 this company merged with another company to become the current Televic Education. Today, Bert Wylin is responsible for all e-content projects, for e-assessment and e-learning.

In research, he now focuses on assessmentQ, an online tool for learning, practising and testing, and the analysis of the results from that tool.

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